John Gres

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John GresJOHN GRES is well known throughout Spanish speaking Latin America for his narration of trailers and TV spots of Hollywood films. During the last decade he has narrated most of the feature promotions for Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures.

At an early age he began working as a radio announcer in Havana, Cuba, where he was born. His mother was English and his father from Spain. When his family moved to New York, John Gres studied at the Rhodes School and New York University.

In New York he continued working in the Spanish language as an announcer and writer at NBC International, the United Nations TV and Radio Department, and later at the Voice of America. John then struck out on his own as a writer, producer and narrator of films, documentaries and commercials.

Today, John Gres is heard in many TV and radio commercials in the US Spanish market and all over Latin America.  He adapts and narrates the Spanish versions of the trailers or coming attractions for Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures which are shown in every country in Latin America.  He is on the air in radio stations in Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay and various other countries with timely promos and IDs.

John Gres resides in Miami and New York. [En Español]